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Mar 2, 2012 12:00pm EST
will be the conflict area. high risk of severe storms. parts of indiana, ohio. slider risk to our west. later this afternoon, we may start to see two or three showers. one of the heavier chances, more significant chances for rain. the front comes in tomorrow morning. there might even be some thunder in that. a lot of this is moving on to the eastern shore and pulling out of the picture. showers late, 53 to 58 for that high. how much rain will we get? half an inch or less. maybe an inch by the eastern shore by the time it all ends on saturday that a storm chance is highest tonight and tomorrow morning -- thunderstorm chances highest tonight and tomorrow morning. >> new at noon, did you know that there was a fall in a remote location of norway? it is called the global seed bank. apparently it is is thriving. >> this strange monolith from ag mountainside on the rooftop of the world. it was planted here by american scientist, the world's first global seed bank. >> this will lead us back to the coldest place in the mountains. >> drilled a through permafrost and solid rock. the mine is four degrees
Mar 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
from the severe weather last week. unfortunately back in indiana they got some snow from the storm and is causing problems. behind this, and large area of high pressure that will bring quiet whether to the entire east the next couple of days and we will keep our eye on a storm that moves and later in the week. we see the storm system moving into the mid-atlantic, drying out into the but the snow coming down heavy and parts of va, the southern part of the state -- parts of va. -- virginia for the south and texas, temperatures and upper 60's. in this in the warmer weather that will head the next couple of days. it is cold enough to snow -- even though it is above freezing and bwi. you can really get snow up to 45 degrees for the something to keep in mind. but if you are above freezing, that is when it has a hard time sticking on the road. even if snow is possible, even the natural area. clearing skies late and very chilly tonight, dropping into the overnight lows and the 20's. the futurecast will show snow and southern maryland, like amounts in the metro area, and we clear out as the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2